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Jesus said to them, “Did you ever read in the Scriptures:
“The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief
by the Lord has this been done,
and it is wonderful in our eyes’?”

Women’s Cornerstone is a parish based retreat program for women. All women are welcomed to experience Cornerstone and to participate in one, two, or all three capacities: as Candidates, as Team Members, and as Alumnae.

Candidates – Candidates are invited to attend a 27-hour Cornerstone Experience (from Friday evening to Saturday evening) given by the women of St. Jude Parish. The gathering provides an outstanding opportunity to meet and interact with the women of the parish. It is a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment, an opportunity to step out of the hustle of daily life to relax, pause, and reflect.

Team Members – All candidates are invited to join the Cornerstone team to prepare the Cornerstone weekend experience for the following year. Being on the team is a commitment of approximately one year. Various roles and talents are needed to put on a retreat for 30 women or more.

Cornerstone Alumnae – Made up of all former candidates and former team members, alumnae provide prayers and logistic support to team members to help ensure a successful retreat. Alumnae are invited to attend Cornerstone reunions, to listen, to give witness talks, and to attend all Cornerstone Masses. Finally, Cornerstone alumnae are encouraged to participate in other ministries at St. Jude.

The Way it Relates to Our Parish Mission and Vision – Cornerstone offers an opportunity of spiritual renewal for the candidates, a path to discipleship for team members, and a life long journey in a community of sisterhood for alumnae.

Roles and Activities of Ministry – Various roles are needed to provide a retreat for 30 women or more.

Time Commitment – For Team Members: Bi-Weekly meetings for 1 year with a break during the summer months, plus some special added meetings. For Candidates: 27 hours from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

Contact Person:  April Shewchuk

Contact Phone:   201-953-2188

Contact email:

“When I first heard about Cornerstone, I prayed, asking God to show me a path. I entered into the 27 hours with an open heart and mind and left with a blessed experience and wonderful feeling. I walked away with new friends who I now call my sisters. They are there for support in times of need, to chat, or share a laugh. I’m so glad I made that choice!”
— Michele P.

“The weekend was truly one like no other. In 27 hours I laughed, was speechless and became a little teary-eyed as I clearly saw God’s true spirit in others. I left the weekend wanting to gather up all my loved ones and invite them to the next weekend. Every mom, wife, sister, daughter, niece and friend deserves to have a beautiful opportunity like this to relax and renew.”
— Linda F.