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Parish Information


Do you have a new Address? Are you moving? Are your envelopes getting lost in the mail? We’re still receiving undeliverable envelopes at the parish office with postage due. Please take a moment to let us know so we can ensure prompt delivery! Contact the parish office at 973-691-1561 or send your updated information to


We are pleased to announce that Online Giving is now available to our parish family. Online Giving is a convenient and safe way to make a one-time or recurring donation. Getting started is easy—just visit our website Home page and click the Online Giving link. We recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox. When you participate, your gift will be securely transferred directly into the parish bank account. And you won’t have to remember to write a check or stop by the ATM on your way to Mass! If you still want to place something in the offertory basket, just pick up one of our “I Gave Online” cards on your way into church (table by the missalettes in the Narthex) and use that at offertory time. As always, thank you for your support of our St. Jude community.

To All Those Who Have Signed Up For Online Giving

We are not automatically stopping delivery of envelopes to those who have signed up for Online Giving. However, please be aware that if you wish to make all your gifts online and do not need envelopes anymore, it will save the parish printing and mailing costs. Please notify the parish office if you are willing to stop receiving monthly envelopes. Note that all our regular and special collections will be available for giving online. We appreciate your consideration.


For smartphones and tablets. For information about downloading and setting up the app, click here.


The Father Joseph A. Cassidy Council 6100 Knights of Columbus, Budd Lake is offering 6 scholarships in 2016, totaling $8500, to graduating high school students. All applicants must be residents of Mount Olive Township or a child of any Knights of Columbus Council 6100 member. Applications for all scholarships are available on line at or click the links provided.

  • Council 6100 Scholarships (4) – $1500, $1000, $500, $500. Click here for 6100 application.
  • Thomas Christopher DeLalla Memorial Scholarship – $1000. Click here for TCD application.
  • Ernie DiCicco Sr. Scholarship – $4000 awarded $1000/yr for 4 years. Click here for EDC application.

Other Scholarships

In addition to the Council 6100 scholarships, the NJ State Knights and the Paterson Federation are also offering scholarships. Information and applications are also available at, or click the links provided.

  • Bishop Dougherty Scholarship (NJ State Knights) (4) – $1000 each to a student entering freshman year of college. Click here for Dougherty application.
  • Paterson Federation – $4000 awarded $1000/yr to a student attending a Catholic high school. Click here for Federation application.


Our hospitality ministers (ushers) request that latecomers refrain from walking into the worship area at sacred moments of liturgy that include spoken prayer, scripture readings, song, and homilies. We do this out of respect for all ministers, members of the assembly, deacons, and priests. Seating of latecomers at these sacred moments provides a great distraction to the ministers who proclaim, sing, or preach, as well as members of the assembly who seek to pray. Therefore, to avoid these distractions, hospitality ministers (ushers) wait for the conclusion of the prayer, reading, song or homily before they guide you to a seat. Although this may disturb those who arrive late for liturgy, the situation could be avoided if all who gather for prayer make a greater effort to arrive for liturgy at least five minutes early. This permits both ministers and the assembly a few minutes of quiet time before the gathering song.


If you receive church envelopes from our envelope company, you will receive a record of your contributions for the year. For safety’s sake, whenever possible make your contribution by check. Also, for accuracy in recording the amount of your donation, please always remember to write the amount on the outside of the envelope.


St. Jude Choir is directed by Deacon Anthony Siino. The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM. For more information, please contact Deacon Tony at 973-691-1561, Ext. 19.


St. Jude’s Contemporary Choir is still in great need of vocalists and instrumentalists! Musicians High School age and up, at all skill levels, are welcome to join us! This is a wonderful opportunity for those who desire to share their talent in praise of God and to enhance our community worship with a prayerful musical experience. The Contemporary Choir provides the music at the 12:00 PM Mass and rehearses Mondays at 6:00 PM. If you have been “thinking” about getting involved in a ministry and have a love of music, we have the perfect ministry for you! Come check out one of our rehearsals and see how much fun we have! Bring your instrument, your voice and your friends!!


Any child first grade and up who can read the song lyric sheets is welcome to join us! The children sing at the Family Mass on the first Sunday of each month and rehearse two Thursdays a month at 5:45 PM. Any new members who are interested in joining us please see Deacon Tony or Mrs. Ottoson, or email


For those who are seeking God and choose to enter a journey of faith and conversion leading to Baptism, First Eucharist, or Confirmation, please contact Deb Kuzma at 973-691-1561, Ext. 23.


Have you ever considered life as a priest, sister, brother, deacon, or lay minister? Please contact the pastor, a member of the pastoral staff or the Diocesan Vocations Office at 973-777-8818, Ext. 711.


If admitted to a hospital or confined at home, please call the Parish Office to arrange for a visit, Communion and/or Anointing of the Sick.


6th-12th grade teens are welcome to participate. For more information please call Darlene Wade at 973-691-0317.


Entries for the weekly bulletin are due Monday 9:00 AM in writing. If a holiday occurs during the week, the deadline is the prior Thursday at 9:00 AM.


Worldwide Marriage Encounter offers tools of communication that have kept many marriages strong and happy through the ups and downs of everyday life. Click here for more information.


Please be aware that there are candles located throughout the church. This  is one way we bring our prayer to God. However, please do not bring in your own candles for placement in the candle stands or inside the glass containers that hold the candles. It is against safety/fire regulations.


A changing table for infants has been installed in both the ladies’ and men’s restrooms that are located in the hallway next to the Parish Center. Many people have requested changing tables due to the number of infants who are brought to church and other parish activities.


Two hymnal boards have been placed on the pillars to the right and left of the sanctuary in church so that music selections and biblical readings can be found with a quick glance. In referring to the hymnal board, please be aware of the following: song selection that comes from the hymnals is indicated by the number of the song selection. Biblical readings for liturgy are indicated with an “R” that precedes the page number of the readings, and music that comes from the red binder supplement is preceded with an “S”. For those who need to follow the Order of the Mass, there are missalettes in the vestibule of the church. Please return them when Mass has ended.


Families, individuals and guests are always welcome to bring up the gifts during the Offertory Procession at Sunday liturgy. Anyone wishing to bring honor to God in this manner should mention it to one of our ushers or ministers of hospitality in the back of church. They will be happy to guide you in this important part of the liturgy.


On the Fourth Sunday of each month a second collection will be taken up at Mass for the building and grounds. This is to maintain our facility and take care of necessary improvements that come from usage of the church complex. Preventive maintenance is necessary, as the church grounds  receive a great deal of wear from the numerous activities in which we are involved at the parish. Ongoing improvements are always part of keeping the facility in good shape.


It is common courtesy to shut off cell phones prior to entering church for liturgies. Keeping a phone on makes a statement that YOU are more important than God or your neighbor. This is a sad statement and a BAD example to our children. Ringing cell phones become great distractions to the prayer of ministers and the assembly. Please observe this courtesy so that a prayerful spirit can be maintained at all liturgies.


Please be mindful that a “quiet room” is available for “crying infants” and small children that you may feel need special attention at Mass or bring distraction to others in the church. The room is located on the far right side of the church near the altar server sacristy. A sound system has been added to the room so that liturgical prayers/songs can be heard as a person participates in liturgy. The room is also a perfect location in church to teach your child about liturgy as services take place. Please know that priority for people with infants and small children should be given to this location.