Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation

Before couples are married, the Catholic Church asks that they thoroughly prepare for this life-long sacrament. Marriage preparation or “Pre-Cana” is an umbrella term for the whole marriage preparation process. Pre-Cana is not a one day event as many believe it to be but a timely process in preparing for marriage. Here is a step-by-step guide to marriage preparation in the Diocese of Paterson:

  1. Make contact with your Priest or Deacon as soon as possible after the engagement, but not less than six months prior to the wedding date.
  2. Read the Couples Guide.
  3. Set an appointment to take a pre-marital inventory, e.g., FOCCUS with your Pastor or Deacon.
  4. Register and take two courses (in either order). Both are required.
    Course 1: God’s Plan is a series of talks based on Theology of the Body that offers an understanding of God’s plan for marriage and human sexuality. Learn about the beauty of marriage as originally designed, and the gifts husbands and wives are meant to be for one another. This is done at the diocesan level. To register, click here. Course 2: Life Skills sessions offer practical insights and assistance in building a successful marriage. Topics covered include: communication, conflict resolution, family of origin, finances and more. This is done at a neighboring parish. For a schedule of sessions, click here.
  5. Take a Natural Family Planning class. A natural and effective way of postponing or achieving pregnancy (the class is recommended but not mandatory). Register Here.

For more information on the marriage preparation process, click here.