Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: October 8, 2017


The Gospel today tells the story about a landowner who tended a vineyard with love and care and then leased it out to tenants. When it was time for the landowner to receive the fruits of the harvest, those leasing the bountiful land lashed out and attacked, wanting to keep the treasure for themselves. 

Brothers and sisters: God has created us and He has given us a creative and abundant nature. He has created us with different talents, gifts and abilities. So, we are the tenants of this creative and abundant nature. And through our own talents, gifts, abilities and work, we receive resources and goods to share with others in gratitude and thanksgiving. We are called to share all the blessings we receive with joy. This sharing can take many forms. Many of you volunteer here in our parish and throughout the community. Many share their talents by helping fulfill the mission of their favorite charity. All of you financially support the parish and other worthy causes. I would like to let you know that all these acts of charity are blessings and when we share with others, we are showing that we are good tenants, because we share what we receive. 

We are all members of God’s vineyard. And what God wants from us is to share. Share what we receive with our family, with our friends in need, with our parish, community, etc. And remember this: when we give, we receive. When we share with others, God will pay us back with more goodness and blessings for us and our loved ones.