Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: October 1, 2017


In the Gospel today, Jesus presents two sons in this parable. The first son is asked to go into the vineyard, but he says “No.” He later changes his mind and goes. The second son says “Yes, Sir”, but does not go.

There are two very common classes of people in this world. There are those whose practice is far better than their profession. And there are those people whose profession is much better than their practice. While the first class should be preferred to the second, neither is perfect because the really good person is the person in whom profession and practice meet and match.

Brothers and sisters: each one of us is responsible to God for all of our actions. We are called to become men and women who profess our faith in word and deeds. God is calling us right now, inviting us to work in His vineyard, inviting us to say “Yes” to Him with our words and actions. What God is calling us to do, as His followers, is to be consistent in what we say and do. Sometimes we say “I love my God above all things and I love my neighbor”, but in practice we come to Mass when we want, we look for God when we need Him, and we are so hard with others. We criticize them and we judge others so cruelly. God doesn’t want this type of behavior. We often use flimsy excuses to silence our conscience. They run like this: “I didn’t realize how sinful I was;” “I was just too busy with work, family sports and a decent social life to have time for Sunday Mass;” “That is what all my family does – it’s got to be OK!”; “The devil made me do it; it wasn’t my fault;” “I could not be different from everyone else – I’d look stupid!” These and others are not valid excuses to not say “Yes” to God in what we say and do. Like the first son in the Gospel today who said “No” but later changed his mind and went, we too are called to say “Yes” to God, and let us be transformed by His grace.