Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time: February 4, 2018


The Holy Scripture today calls us to do good, even though there is pain and suffering in the world that we cannot end. Like Jesus, we are called to speak good, to do good. It means we are called to give our lives to support and help others in their way of salvation.

There are three ways to face our real lives:

  • One way is by complaining and showing how unhappy we are, by being skeptical and negative. “Look at my suffering; nobody loves me; everybody hates me, etc.”
  • The second way to face our real lives is by blaming everybody. “If I am suffering it is because of you.” Or they even blame God. They blame the government, the community, the family. “I am poor because my family does not help me.”
  • The third way to face our real lives is by doing good and by being proactive and taking control of our destiny, by having faith and trust in God. Like Jesus. He wanted to be where He could tend to the needs of the people to whom He had come, in order to bring spiritual salvation and blessing to them and to all people. Jesus went from town to town preaching and healing. He used His energies to bring healing and wholeness into the lives of the people. We should use our own energy to do good. How often we waste our energy on little things.

In the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, the Church prays for spiritual and physical healing, forgiveness of sins and comfort for those who are suffering from illness. We all need the healing of our minds, our memories and our broken relationships. I would like to invite all of you to participate at the Mass with the anointing of the sick, because we all need Jesus’ healing. And when we are healed, let us not forget to thank Jesus for His goodness and mercy and compassion and let us go out to heal others. Through Baptism, all of us have the power to heal. Our own healing process is completed only when we are ready to help others in their needs. Let us be good, let us do good actions to help others and let us live our lives today and every day with passion.